Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

CEO Message:

Our organization is striving to create an inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and respected because of their difference – a place where every employee can be themselves so they can reach their potential and help us achieve our business goals.
We want our business to be innovative and productive so we can deliver the best products and services to our customers and we need diversity to help us achieve this. The more we collaborate and value difference the closer we get to living in a truly inclusive community.
This diversity and inclusion strategy provides us with a road map to create an inclusive workplace. To help us achieve this, we need the commitment of every employee to understand what we are trying to achieve, to work together and be open to change. This strategy is everyone’s responsibility and I encourage you to get involved.

Kim Gilmore


To have a respectful and supportive workplace that enables us to attracted and retain a diverse workforce that represents our customers and community.


This strategy is a two-year plan to help us achieve our business and vendor goals. It provides a shared direction and commitment for the organization so we can work together to respect and value our diverse workforce, build a more inclusive workplace, and work with a diverse vendor pool. It comprises of three key goals and identifies the priorities and actions we will take over the next two years. It outlines the key roles and responsibilities and how we will track progress and measure success.

  1. Workforce and supplier diversity – recruit from a diverse, qualified group of candidates and vendors to increase diversity of thinking and perspective
  2. Workplace inclusion – foster a culture that encourages collaboration, flexibility and fairness to enable all employees to contribute to their potential and increase retention
  3. Sustainability and accountability – identify and breakdown systemic barriers to full inclusion by embedding diversity and inclusion in policies and practices and equipping leaders with the ability to manage diversity and be accountable for the results

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy


All employees have the responsibility to maintain an environment that is safe, respectful and productive. Everyone has the right to be treated fairly within the workplace in an environment that recognises and accepts diversity.
We can all contribute by participating in workplace diversity and inclusion activities and opportunities and complying with all anti-discrimination and workplace diversity legislation.
Managers and supervisors can contribute by displaying a positive commitment to workplace and vendor diversity and inclusion, being role models, fostering an inclusive workplace culture, searching out diverse vendors and suppliers and dealing quickly and effectively with inappropriate behavior and participating in diversity training and encouraging team members to attend.
The success of the strategy is dependent upon the support of everyone in the department. Everyone has a responsibility for contributing to a culture which supports and values diversity and inclusion.


The effectiveness and achievement of our goals for diversity and inclusion will be reviewed and reported on quarterly. The report will be provided to the CEO and the executive team. The review will focus on the implementation of the actions, the progress made and successes. It will also identify any adjustments required to improve effectiveness.
The evaluation will include:
• A qualitative assessment of progress or achievement of the actions
• A quantitative assessment of the impact of the strategy on employee perceptions and experience of the culture of the organisation

The outcome of the evaluation and review will guide the development of further action plans.


GMCI Creative has implemented a robust supplier diversity plan as part of its commitment to fostering inclusivity and supporting underrepresented businesses. The plan encompasses a range of initiatives aimed at increasing the participation of diverse suppliers in GMCI’s supply chain. This includes actively seeking out and engaging with minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, and small businesses, among others, to provide them with equal opportunities to compete for contracts and partnerships. GMCI Creative has established strategic partnerships with diverse supplier networks and regularly reviews its procurement processes to ensure fairness and transparency. By embracing supplier diversity, GMCI Creative not only contributes to a more inclusive economy but also gains access to a wider array of innovative and competitive suppliers, ultimately enhancing the company’s overall performance and impact.


GMCI Creative takes great pride in its mentor program, which is designed to empower and guide emerging diverse talent in the creative industry. The mentor program provides a platform for experienced professionals within GMCI and the broader creative community to share their knowledge, skills, and expertise with aspiring individuals. Mentees are matched with mentors who offer guidance, support, and valuable insights based on their own industry experience. Through regular one-on-one meetings, mentorship sessions, and internships, the program helps mentees develop their professional skills, navigate career challenges, and gain industry-specific knowledge. GMCI Creative’s mentor/internship program fosters a culture of continuous learning, collaboration, and personal growth, creating a nurturing environment for emerging talent to thrive and succeed in the creative field.

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