Media and Events Management

Full facilitation event concept, design, advertising and management with total company ROI in mind. Media and PR management through relationships and influencers.

Events Management

GMCI™ handles experiential marketing events and promotions from inception to follow up and remarketing. Budgeting, scheduling, site selection, permitting, ticket sales, talent scouting, personnel hiring, branding, marketing and logistics are fully covered.

Events Management

Media and Events Management Services

We are the brawn behind your brand.

Experiential marketing is back as the country begins to open again. We are planning new and fun events with our clients. Give us a call, we can help plan your next experience.

Pirates of Algonquin Commons

Custom Ticketed Websites

We create custom web spaces for event promotion and ticketing that can handle high- volume event popularity, remarketing and day of entry.

In Person and Virtual Events

We have the technology to build beautiful virtual events with the production value of a Hollywood studio on a much smaller budget. Our in-person events run the gambit from not-for-profit fund raisers to experiential flash mobs, marathons and corporate retreats.

Talent and Influencers

Santa and 12 reindeer? A few Jonas Brothers? 10,000 American Flags? The Beach Boys? Loretta Lynn? Captain Jack Sparrow? Sports stars and games? We can hire and include any level of talent your event needs.

Press Junkets

Custom PR packets, presentations, tours, gifts, book signings, live streams, interview rooms and trade secrets on how to get the right people to show up is all part of our events management work.

Staging and Staffing

From rock and roll concert stages, to runners for a fund-raising auction, we can staff and stage any event you want us to host. We have 30 years of experience running large County Fair and retail mall concerts, Major and Minor League Baseball game events, not-for-profit fund raisers and corporate retreat fun. Ask us what fun we can invent for you, and exactly how we will market your event.

Public and Media Relations

GMCI™ identifies testimonial opportunities, blog and video ideas, news and information that highlights the client. We facilitate media strategy for press releases, promotions, events, ribbon cuttings, human interest stories, influencer marketing and web-based marketing promotion.

Media Buys

We have been buying media for 30 years. Billboards, television, radio, display ads, and digital ads are all part of media and events management. Hard to get people to attend your event if you do not spread the word.

Experiential marketing is a big part of today’s marketing dollars. We can help your company move to the next level of branding and recognition through media and events management.

Our Projects

Peruse our case studies to see what GMCI’s™ superpowers can do to help your business leap to the top of the heap!

LET’s Build something Together

We want to make you the number one business in your market. We do this by investing ourselves in your company, loving your product or service, researching the needs of your consumer, and creating marketing that delivers on target. Send us a note, tell us about your awesome business. We cannot wait to help!