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The Theory of Color

Posted by: Kim Gilmore

Have you ever been so mad you have seen red? Or green with envy, or just kind of blue? Colors are used as mood descriptions because color creates and conveys emotions. You know your least favorite color? Yeah, that hideous color. If you were made to wear that color all day, how would it make you feel? Not so good right?

That is color theory. We designers need to know color theory and the feelings and symbolism behind colors in order to convey the correct message for a brand or event. I am sure you understand some of the theory of color, as you would never create a brown logo for a landscape installation company, right? Brown conveys a bad image when it comes to plants, green would be a much better option. Below is a quick list of colors and what they tend to represent. Do you agree? Have others to add? Feel free to add in the comments. Thanks.

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