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Mission for March

Posted by: Kim Gilmore

Ok, so I totally stole this idea from the internet, so I claim no ownership, and I kind of changed it up a bit to fit my needs and melded it with a few other ideas I also stole from the internet. But I now have a Mission for March. GMCI already has a great mission; “working to rid the world of bad design one job at a time” is our umbrella company mission. I just thought maybe a short-term mission for March would be a nice change of pace, something to pull me out of the winter darkness and shoot the company directly into a happy, fruitful spring. Plus, Mission for March has a snappy ring to it.

Every day we have a 5-minute staff meeting to look through our Kan Ban (more on that in another blog) and to see the top 5 items are on each of my staff member’s plates for the day. We also have a GMCI Top 5 that we always forget to talk about. (ie: we are so busy working on our client’s marketing, that our own marketing and business building can tend to slide.)

So my Mission for March is to pay attention to the GMCI Top 5, as well as my client’s needs. Want to know what is on the GMCI Top 5? Well, in a nutshell, here they are, dusty and lonely from us ignoring them for several months.
“ I want 2015 to be an amazing year for all the businesses we work with and I want to achieve all the things on my top 5 list.”
#1: New Jobs. Yep, we always want more jobs, more work, more income and many more happy clients. Our marketing efforts for our clients help to get more jobs, more work and more income for them. Referrals and word of mouth tend to be GMCI’s best source of new clientele lately. I make sure on a regular basis that my current contacts know, we pay for good referrals and would love to help any business that needs good marketing and design. (Remember that and refer us to your friends and colleagues.) So I will be focusing daily effort on garnering new clients. I wrote out a list of steps I must to take to make this mission happen and will now make contacts daily to get new work in March. Wait, why only in March Kim? I’ve heard that it only takes 2 weeks to create or break a habit. If I do this daily for a month, it should become a permanent habit, right? Here’s to hoping!

#2 GMCI e-blast. Hey lookie! I just did that with this blog/blast! That means I have to keep up on this throughout March. I will try to write a blog a day and save them up to send out one-a-week throughout the rest of the year. Do not panic, I will not be sending out a daily e-blast in March.

#3 GMCI portfolio. We do a ton of cool design and marketing work every day. I need to keep GMCI’s portfolio up-to-date and fresh for clients and potential clients to see our wow factor, which in turn will hopefully help with #1.

#4 Because I do not have enough to do, I have started another company. We have found a client need that we were able to fill and it has never been filled before. We have potential clients yearning for this service. Therefore, GMCI has created a new company and had it trademarked. Trust me, it is the next great idea and we are super excited. But now we have to get the word out as to just how cool is. (Go ahead; click on the link, checkout the shameless plug.)

#5 GMCI SEO. Search engine optimization is something that should be done weekly, if not daily. So for me to be behind on SEO work is truly a BAD idea. I Google us, I watch where we stand with our rankings, I do a competition analysis and I make sure we are staying relevant to our potential clients and our competition. This is something that should be on my daily list, so this month, I vow to check in on my Google analytics and SEO everyday to build that back into a daily habit.

So, to recap, my Mission for March is to pay attention to and really push my own marketing and business building to the next level. I want 2015 to be an amazing year for all the businesses we work with and I want to achieve all the things on my top 5 list. I will not let excuses stop me and I will get my butt out there and give it all I’ve got. After reading this, do you have a Mission for March? What is your company top 5? Is any of it marketing based? If so, I certainly know GMCI can help you reach your goals for March, and well beyond.
Happy March.

– Kim

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