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GMCI designs and prints magazines, business cards, billboards, flyers, packaging, merchandise, display booths and much more.

Contact us today to see how we can help bring your companies creative vision to fruition.
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2250 Point Blvd., Suite 321
Elgin, IL 60123
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The Advenger is working to rid the world of bad design, one job at a time. She works at Gilmore Marketing Concepts, we are a boutique advertising and design firm in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.

The Advenger performs typendectomys, color transplants and complete illustration rejuvenation every day in the quest for good to win over evil design. She is a hero to her clients as she can leap tall projects in a single bound and is working to make the world a more beautiful place.
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GMCI is a full service advertising and marketing firm that has been spreading targeted messages and award-winning creativity throughout the US since 1991.

We pride ourselves on being a different type of marketing company; by focusing on bringing value to your advertising dollar no matter what your budget and creating custom strategies to always meet your goals.

This customization combines strategic marketing and distinct design to deliver measurable results for your business.
Slogans & Tag Lines
Display Advertising
Event Marketing
Trade Shows
Copy Writing
Social Media
Public Relations
Adobe Certification
Corporate ID & Logo Design
Marketing Psychology

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The Communicator Award - Print Design - Lamp Inc.
The Communicator Award - Web Design -
Summit Creative Award Gold Winner - Branding
Mar Com Platinum Design Winner - Logo Design
Hermes Creative Platinum, Gold and Honorable mention design winners in brochure design, not-for-profit marketing and photo illustration
Clio Award Nominee
Design Firms Graphic Award Best in Show Award for Logo Design & Re-branding
MarCom Creative Award Gold and Platinum Winners in Direct Marketing, Magazine Design and Brochure Marketing National recognition, "Alex" award from the National Apartment Rental Association- advertising and marketing/ad using color
National recognition, "Camme" award from the National Apartment Rental Association- best of class newsletter design
National recognition award for syndicated cartoon
Illinois Press Association Best of Show awards/Tabloid insert, color ad, & display ad The Communicator Award international recognition, Honorable Mention
The Communicator Award international recognition, Award of Distinction
MarCom Creative Gold Award winner, international recognition for Magazine Layout and design
MarCom Creative Gold Award winner, international recognition for Direct Mail Flyer
MarCom Creative Platinum Award winner, international recognition for Comprehensive Brochure design
Hermes Creative Platinum winner, national recognition for Creative Brochure design
Hermes Creative Gold winner, national recognition for Promotional Event marketing
Hermes Creative Honorable Mention winner, national recognition for Illustration
Design Firms Best in Show, national recognition Logo design & Re-branding
Design Firms Best in Show, national recognition
Marketing & Promotional materials

Business Awards:
Kim Gilmore - Distinguished Alumnae - State of Illinois
The Boys & Girls Club of Elgin Corporate Citizen of the Year
The Business Ledger Young Entrepreneur of the Year
Elgin Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year
Women in Management National Woman of Achievement Winner
Women in Management Northern Fox Valley Woman of Achievement Award

International Graphic Artists Guild Member
American Association of Advertising Agencies Member
National Association of Photoshop Professionals Member
Elgin Area Chamber of Commerce Member and Board Member
Women in Management Member and Board Member
Association Forum of Chicagoland Member
GMCI has been nominated for and won hundreds of design, print,
marketing and business awards since opening their doors in 1991.
We build websites that brand your company on the web. Our custom built websites can be as simple as you like all the way to enterprise level. We never take a one-size or one-way approach to developing your website. The first thing we do is listen to what your business needs and then create the best option for your company.

Our websites are built not only to be aesthetically pleasing, but effective and functional by utilizing the latest technologies, coding techniques, applications, and content management systems (Joomla and WordPress).
View our example case studies to see how we have helped our clients
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We create videos and motion graphics videos. Videos are a great way to engage an audience to help promote your company, brand, services or products. Let us help you create your next tradeshow or instructional video.

Online videos are a everywhere and extremely easy to share. Let social media help promote your business or let video streaming services like YouTube increase your web traffic and search engine optimization.
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Case Studies
Check out our case studies to see how we have helped our clients.
J&K Cleaning
Search Engine Optimization
The Write Stuff
E-Commerce Website
EBY Brown
Education Videos
Algonquin Commons
Event Marketing
Major League Baseball
Sears Hometown Stores
Sears Holding
Bank One
General Mills
Leo Burnett
The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)
David C. Cook
General Electric
Illinois Employment and Training Centers (IETC)
The Kane County Fair
First Community Bank
The Chicago Cubs
The Tribune Company
Marian Central Catholic High School
Elgin Women's and Children's Center
Lamp Inc. Construction
Landscape Professionals
Laflin Design Group
Young Rembrandts
The National Retail Dealers Association (NARDA)
ExxonMobil (COPAS)
Woodstock Early Learning Centers
Renaissance Med Spas
Centro de Informacion of Elgin
Renz Addiction Counseling Centers
Elgin Community College
Woodlands Academy of Lake Forest
Vein and Laser Center
Acculink Services
Best Buy
Inland Real Estate Corporation
McKinley Commercial Real Estate
Eby Brown
OBIX Perinatal Data Systems
The Write Stuff School Supplies

These are some of the clients that GMCI has done work for:
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"Gilmore Marketing is always thinking of new ideas and ways to promote your business. They are extremely creative and produce a beautiful product."
| Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative |
How do you get your message out? Print, web, video and social media are today's most common methods. And Gilmore Marketing Concepts, Inc. does it all.

Don't let another marketing companies inabilities handicap your company marketing plan. Lets us hear what you want and where you want your company to go... and let us make a plan for your success.
The first building course of your pyramid is the introduction of your brand. It is extremely important to make sure your brand and name defines whom you are. GMC can help your company with a plan to define your brand. Remember to ask yourself, "What is it about my brand that makes it unique?" Your brand should be one that has the power to influence buyers. It takes time to build a solid brand. The pyramids were not built overnight.

Neither can your brand be. As your brand name grows it creates the next course in your pyramid, awareness. Now your customer is recognizing you. It is trusted belief in a brand's unique benefits that creates this cumulative effect. "We always buy ________. I love to have ______. I would never stop using ______." Fill in the blanks with your favorite products and you are beginning to understand brand awareness and loyalty.

As you build upon your pyramid, you and your company have the power to define your brand. Defining your company is one of the pyramid courses that help develop the upward slope of loyalty. This loyalty will grow with repeated optimal performance and the following of your brand definition. Focus on the positives of your brand. TELL customers how to think of you.

Again, define yourself. Customers then own a feeling about your company brand. Thus creating another layer closer to the top of your pyramid. Loyalty, awareness and equity reside in the minds of your consumers. And result from what they have learned, felt and heard about your brand over time. A good marketing plan and message create the good feelings heading toward the top of your pyramid.

Customers will search out your brand because they feel loyal and have equity in your brand. This again works off of the awareness course of your pyramid. Awareness is defined by your performance and marketing message.
This circles upward as positive feelings and personal connections continue and the customer is satisfied. This circle of equity, loyalty and feelings continually rotates at the top of your pyramid and you officially have a solid structure with which your brand is built. Your pyramid is complete and you are standing at the top!

The vertical support of equity, like home equity, is the real and perceived value of your company through your name and reputation. Equity does not just happen, it is carefully crafted and nurtured by marketing programs that forge favorable and unique associations and experiences with your brand. GMC creates these marketing programs to help companies create a solid pyramid of loyalty and equity. The upward building of this loyalty and equity help to stack your courses leading to the top of your pyramid.

Again, these top courses feed each other, thus, putting your brand at the pinnacle of your market and high above your competition. Remember, you are your brand name. You must define it in everything you say, do and produce. If you manage your brand your customers will own it and you will have a solidly built brand pyramid with which your company can sustain and prosper.
Your company needs a definition. Call this definition your "brand." Gilmore Marketing Concepts helps companies define their brand through comprehensive marketing plans and strategies everyday. We create full scope brand analysis and definitions to send brands to the top of their market.

Everyone knows the terms "brand name, brand new, brand recognition" all of these terms come from the definition of a company or product. What is the nature, scope or meaning of your company? What is distinctive or different that sets you apart from your competition? The foundation that supports your company is your brand definition.

Lets use a triangle as an example. A triangle is the strongest structure known to mankind. The pyramids in Egypt haven't lasted 3000 years because they were square. They lasted because they form a triangle with an enormous base with which to build upon. Think of your brand as the base of that pyramid.

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